About Us


Our mission is to provide easy access to affordable Healthcare and Wellness services and products to the common man using innovation & technology.

Health Saarthi is technology platform created by Apolotus Health Solution. Apolotus Health Solution intends to provide the health professionals and health care institutions with technological solutions to manage their profession and service by getting their service seekers on the same platform.


Health Saarthi provides a solution to bridge between Health professionals ,health care service providers and their consumers to manage smooth interactions, operations and build a permanent bond. Health Saarthi as the name suggest wants to partner with consumer for taking care of his and his family’s health and wellness. Health Saarthi will help to break the barrier of time, distance, knowledge through its various technology based products. These products will be delivered through various mobile and internet platforms.


We are built upon following 5 pillars

on which professionals and patients interact.


Apolotus would create all the future products which will touch upon the one or many of the above pillars. It aims to create a smooth, sophisticated, reliable technoligy platform which will enable the healthcare to reach out to millions not only in urban but in rural cities as well.

Health Saarthi is a technology platform created by Apolotus Health Solution Pvt Ltd. It is a 360-degree online solution provisioning platform which provides cloud based products utilizing a hybrid approach of the Web & Mobility (Android & iOS operating systems).

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