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Health Saarthi 's 6 mantras for better online healthcare experience

Search and Book -

Search from 15000+ healthcare service providers such as Doctors ,clinics,path labs,nursing homes, hospitals and multispecialty clinics.

Store and Update -

Manage your health records and maintain medical history in your very own FREE EVAULT , a private ,safe and secure storage space on the cloud

Retrieve And Share -

Retrieve and share your health records electronically without email with your healthcare service provider

Share Feedback -

Give genuine feedback about your experience of the healthcare services with the service provider.

Set Medication Reminder -

Never forget to take your medicine on time .You can set reminders for yourself and family members .Set reminder through your Health Saarthi web account or just DOWNLOAD THE HS MEDICATION REMINDER APP from the Google Playstore

Refer a friend -

Introduce a health service provider and help the community to avail their services.Also you could refer a friend to avail the benefits of Health Saarthi .

An Overview of Health Saarthi - for better online healthcare experience

Health Saarthi is a technology platform created by Apolotus Health Solution Pvt Ltd. It is a 360-degree online solution provisioning platform which provides cloud based products utilizing a hybrid approach of the Web & Mobility (Android & iOS operating systems).

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